SKF Bearing

The full name of SKF is “Svenska Kullager-Fabriken” and the Chinese transliteration name is “SKF”; SKF Group is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is a leader in bearing technology and manufacturing. Sven Wingquist invented the double row self-aligning ball bearing in 1905, and then founded the Svenska Kullargerfabriken Swedish Ball Bearing Manufacturing Company, or SKF for short, in 1907, which continues to develop and serve the world. SKF is the leader of the world’s rolling bearing industry. Its operations have spread all over the world, and its business has spread to 130 countries in the world. It produces more than 500 million bearings every year, and its sales network is all over the world. In addition, the SKF Group has also continued to devote itself to the research and development of the bearing industry, with an average of a new patent coming out every two days.

SKF Group is also the first bearing company to pass the ISO14001 environmental certification, which covers more than 60 manufacturing units in 17 countries. While maintaining its leading position in the global bearing industry, SKF has made unremitting efforts to develop technologies, products and services in various fields over the years, and has developed into a truly supply-solution-oriented bearing enterprise, creating greater value for users. . These solutions can help users improve overall production capacity, in addition to innovative SKF bearing products through special applications, there are cutting-edge simulation systems, consulting services, equipment efficiency services, and the most advanced supply management technology in the bearing industry.

SKF still stands for the highest quality rolling bearings.

On January 31, 1989, the investment review committee approved the investment case of SKF Corporation, a Taiwan subsidiary of SKF Group. A central warehouse in Sanchong was established to be responsible for the distribution of goods. The company’s sales system is integrated into the computer system designed and planned by the headquarters to provide prompt and accurate services. We sell bearings, oil seals and related products produced by the original SKF factory in Taiwan, with the goal of providing customers with comprehensive products and services. SKF’s main customer base comes from the steel industry, paper, cement, plastic and various OEM manufacturers. In addition, SKF Taiwan also provides the following technologies to customers: technical consultation and bearing selection, bearing maintenance, bearing matching/processing, technical training. As for the company’s future prospects, it will transform from the original bearing supplier into a diversified company that combines linear slides, oil seals, lubricants, remote detection, system maintenance, etc., and has successfully designed and developed various types of products for many domestic manufacturers. Axis, from design and development, manufacturing and assembly, to running measurement or repairing equipment, can provide customers with complete services. In addition, in order to create customer value and provide the service level of customers in the Taiwan market and establish a model of bearing service, the implementation of a full range of services will allow customers to have peace of mind in the operation of machinery. Distribute its well-trained technical service groups in the north, middle and south, provide bearing application engineering knowledge and technical lectures, and bring customers the most advanced bearing selection software, assembly and disassembly and maintenance tools, monitoring equipment and technical consultation, online dynamic balancing, Laser alignment, and even the whole plant maintenance solution to reduce the loss of equipment downtime in the whole plant. And using the global computer network technology to provide customers with a full range of services quickly and effectively, these are the guarantees that we will continue to maintain the first service and quality first in the industry.

description of SKF product

(1) The standard products provided by SKF include more than 20,000 kinds of bearings. In addition to rolling bearings, SKF Group also manufactures linear bearings, sliding bearings, bearing housings, ball and roller screws, textile machinery components, retaining rings, machine tools and various precision machinery components. Extensive experience in the above fields provides the necessary knowledge and expertise for the development, manufacture and application of various advanced engineering products. Small ones such as miniature bearings weighing only 0.003 grams, as large as giant bearings weighing 34 tons each. In addition, SKF also provides a series of bearing repair tools, grease and bearing monitoring instruments (SKF bearing heaters, pullers, etc.), in order to make bearing users obtain higher benefits and achieve worry-free operation.

(2) application of SKF bearing 

Mining, mineral processing and cement

Motors and generators

Wind energy

Industrial pump

Industrial transmission

Industrial fan



Two-wheeled vehicle

Roller skating (SKF involves the industry sketch)


Food and Beverage

Plastic and rubber




Printing equipment

Motors matched with consumer products

Pulp and Paper


Roller crushing

  • Common suffixes for deep groove ball bearings of SKF bearing products

CN: Normal group radial clearance; usually used only in combination with the following letters to indicate a narrower or offset clearance range H: Narrowed clearance range, equivalent to the upper half of the original clearance range L: Reduced Narrow clearance range, equivalent to the lower half of the original clearance range At the same time, it is applicable to the meaning corresponding to the combination of the following clearance groups: C2, C3, C4, and C5, such as C2 C2: radial clearance is smaller than ordinary group C3: radial clearance is larger than ordinary group C4: radial clearance Clearance greater than C3 C5: Radial clearance greater than C4

Quality of SKF

After nearly 100 years of development, SKF has become a global multinational group, with more than 80 production plants in the world including China. As early as a few years ago, SKF has passed ISO9000 international quality certification and ISO14001 international environmental protection certification. Therefore, no matter which country SKF products are produced in, their quality is the same, and they all meet ISO international standards. SKF Group has passed the international environmental management standard IS0 14001 certificate and the health and safety management standard OHSAS 18001 global certification. Its operations are also carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 standards or the customer’s industry-specific requirements, such as ISO/TS 16949 (automotive industry), AS9100 aviation standard or IRIS railway standard. More than 80% are supplied by SKF’s steel mills, which guarantee the high quality of raw materials. All important equipment is designed and assembled by SKF to ensure the highest level of production equipment. SKF’s excellent engineers often team up to audit the production process in each factory. The scope of Ford Motor’s quality assessment system for its suppliers not only includes product, performance, design and manufacturing; it also provides suppliers with the ability to provide technical support, timely delivery, market leadership, price positioning, adaptability and flexibility and Performance evaluation in several aspects of innovation, and awarded the [Q1 Quality First Prize] to the best performers, and all 20 SKF factories that are a supplier to Ford have won this award. SKF has also received similar awards from General Motors, Volkswagen, Nissan Mexico, Christie’s, Rolls-Royce, Audi, British Rail, Black&Decker, and Atlas Copco.


Explorer series bearings are the result of years of careful research by many top scientists and engineer teams at SKF Engineering and Research Center in the Netherlands. SKF Explorer bearings can be engraved with the words “EXPLORER” on the side of the outer ring of the bearing and “EXPLORER” on the box. logo to identify, but the product number remains unchanged. SKF Bearing Explorer series bearings have higher rated load, lower noise, greatly reduce warranty costs, increase machine running time, etc. It is quicker and more accurate to identify the stencil. This kind of stencil has no tactility if you touch it with your hand, but you can feel the presence of the stencil by gently touching it with your fingernail. For ordinary domestic bearings or imitation bearings, stencils are all convex or concave on the bearing surface. In addition, SKF Group also provides a series of bearing installation, maintenance tools, grease and bearing monitoring equipment, in order to enable bearing users to obtain higher benefits and achieve worry-free operation. In the Rolling Bearings and Seals business, SKF Bearings is the world’s leading supplier of products, customer solutions and services.

Common question

  1. Requirements for the installation surface and installation site If there are iron filings, burrs, dust and other foreign matter in the SKF bearing, it will cause noise and vibration during the operation of the SKF bearing, and even damage the raceway and rolling elements. Therefore, before installing SKF bearings, you must ensure that the installation surface and installation environment are clean.
  2. SKF bearings must be cleaned before installation The surface of SKF bearing is coated with anti-rust oil, you must carefully clean it with clean gasoline or kerosene, and then apply clean high-quality or high-speed high-temperature lubricating grease before installation and use. The impact of cleanliness on SKF bearing life and vibration noise is very large. But we want to remind you that: fully enclosed SKF bearings do not need to be cleaned and refueled.
  3. the choice of grease Lubrication has a very important influence on the operation and life of SKF bearings. Here is a brief introduction to the general principles of selecting grease. Grease is made of base oil, thickener and additives. The performance of different types and different brands of greases of the same type is very different, and the allowable rotation limits are different. Be careful when choosing. The performance of the grease is mainly determined by the base oil. Generally, the low viscosity base oil is suitable for low temperature and high speed, and the high viscosity base oil is suitable for high temperature and high load. The thickener is also related to the lubricating performance, and the water resistance of the thickener determines the water resistance of the grease. In principle, greases of different brands cannot be mixed, and even greases of the same thickener will have adverse effects on each other due to different additives.
  4. Add oil, When lubricating, the more grease the better, this is a common misconception. Excessive grease in SKF bearings and SKF bearing chambers will cause excessive agitation of the grease, resulting in extremely high temperatures. The amount of lubricant filled in SKF bearings is appropriate to fill 1/2 to 1/3 of the internal space of SKF bearings, and should be reduced to 1/3 at high speeds.
  5. SKF bearing installation and removal When installing, do not directly hammer the end face and non-stressed surface of the SKF bearing. Use pressure blocks, sleeves or other installation tools to make the SKF bearing evenly stressed, and do not install it through the transmission force of rolling elements. If the mounting surface is lubricated, the installation will be smoother. If the interference is large, put the SKF bearing into mineral oil and heat it to 80~90℃ and install it as soon as possible, and strictly control the oil temperature not to exceed 100℃ to prevent the tempering effect from reducing the hardness and affecting the size recovery. When it is difficult to disassemble, it is recommended that you use the disassembly tool to pull out and pour hot oil on the inner ring carefully. The heat will cause the inner ring of the SKF bearing to expand, making it easier to fall off.
  6. SKF bearing radial clearance selection Not all SKF bearings require a minimum working clearance, you must select the appropriate clearance according to the conditions. In the national standard 4604-93, the radial clearance of rolling SKF bearings is divided into five groups – 2 groups, 0 groups, 3 groups, 4 groups, and 5 groups. The clearance values ​​are from small to large, and group 0 is the standard clearance. The basic radial clearance group is suitable for general operating conditions, conventional temperatures and commonly used interference fits; SKF bearings that work under special conditions such as high temperature, high speed, low noise, and low friction should choose a large radial clearance; For precision spindles, SKF bearings for machine tool spindles, etc., a small radial clearance should be selected; for roller SKF bearings, a small amount of working clearance can be maintained. In addition, there is no clearance for separate SKF bearings; finally, the working clearance of SKF imported bearings after installation is smaller than the original clearance before installation, because SKF bearings have to bear a certain load to rotate, and SKF bearings cooperate with each other. and the amount of elastic deformation caused by the load. SKF bearings can be divided into sliding SKF bearings and rolling SKF bearings according to their specific structures and working properties. As the name implies, sliding SKF bearings are flat SKF bearings, with a relatively large contact area, so the degree of wear will be relatively large, that is, the friction coefficient will be large. Therefore, sliding SKF bearings need special materials, and anti-friction is its biggest feature. The characteristics of rolling SKF bearings are different from sliding. It converts the sliding friction between the shaft seat and the shaft into rolling friction, which reduces losses. Then use the interaction between inner and outer rings, rolling elements and cage to complete the work. Regardless of whether it is a rolling SKF bearing or a sliding SKF imported bearing, although their working principles are different, their functions are the same, both to reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical load generated in the process of mechanical power transmission and to support the rotating body of the machine. SKF bearing is a kind of precision component, which is widely used in various fields. It is divided into many kinds according to structure or type. The most common classification according to friction properties is rolling bearing and sliding bearing, which are also different. Obviously, the friction resistance of rolling bearings is smaller than that of sliding bearings, and the start-up is fast and the efficiency is high. This is the biggest advantage of rolling bearings compared with sliding bearings. However, there are also disadvantages, that is, the size is large and the shock absorption capacity is weak, the lifespan is short during high-speed operation, and the long-term use will also emit a large abnormal noise. There is also the most essential difference between SKF rolling bearings and sliding bearings, that is, rolling bearings are surface contact, while sliding bearings are point contact. Rolling bearings have large contact surface, simple structure, easy operation and easy disassembly; sliding bearings have high requirements for lubrication. Today’s life is to develop into a well-off society. How should I put it? In the past, people used bicycles and buses to travel. Now people are getting smarter and smarter to produce electric vehicles. You can hardly see bicycles on the street now. It’s nothing. Some people even have their own family car, so it’s more convenient to go out. There are more parts that are naturally needed for all kinds of cars. The parts on the car are just like the organs of our human body. No, it can be said that it will not work properly without it. For example, the bearings on the car are not unfamiliar to everyone, because in today’s society, it can be said that every person has a car (no matter what kind of car). The fixing function is still used to protect the center of the shaft. Don’t underestimate it. It is equivalent to a human joint. The quality and development of the bearing are of great significance to the development of the country’s car industry. The quality of the bearing determines the quality of the car. Whether the performance is good or not, that is to say, it affects the sales of the car, so the bearing is also one of the economic lifelines of the country’s development.

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